2014 Showreel

2014 was a good year! At least when you condense your “work” down to three minutes it feels like, what I think, was a beautiful year! Thank you to everyone who made what I do possible, all the amazing people I have met and the wildlife that has been, on occasion, most obliging! To take a quick look at a few photos from the last couple of years please check out my portfolio page here Really looking forward to 2015 and the projects that it will bring, including a canoe trip down the Amazon, some more work in Kenya and hopefully some Wolf hunting in Siberia!

Fundatia ADEPT – Transylvania

Community conservation in Transylvania’s high biodiversity farmed landscapes.

Britain’s Last Wilderness

A week on the the isolated Knoydart peninsula in Scotland’s Western Highlands: an easy enough camping holiday, but remove the technical clothing, the tent, the sleeping bag, and the food, and you have a much more serious proposition. As a climber and mountaineer it is all about the kit, the lightest you can get away with, the minimal amount of food you have to carry, hours of research and planning, hundreds of pounds spent on equipment… Take all that away and the adventure immediately becomes accessible to anyone and everyone.
With only a blanket, 200 grams of oats, a knife, a “specialist” tool each, and the knowledge hastily scrounged from books and a 3-hour foraging course, we set out to spend a week in “Britain’s Last Wilderness”.

The Re-imagining

A short film commissioned by Durham University to capture the “re-imagining” of John Tunnard’s (1900-1971) 30 foot long Crystal Forms mural, created for the Festival of Britain in 1951 and displayed in the Regatta Restaurant on the South Bank, London.

The film follows the processes involved in painting large murals and also looks at other works by the artist David Venables.

Filming, Benjamin Sadd & George Woodcock

Editing, Benjamin Sadd

Music, Patrick Amos

My Voice Through Sculpture

A short version of the half-hour documentary My Voice Through Sculpture focusing on the works of Fenwick lawson which can be found around Durham. The full documentary explores the ethical issues behind Fenwick’s sculptures in more detail, illustrates the process of “lost wax casting”, and looks at other works by Fenwick on Holy Island, as well as his experiences and travels in Italy.

Filming, Benjamin Sadd & George Woodcock

Editing, Benjamin Sadd

Music, Patrick Amos

A Slice Of 2012

From fine art and sculpture to wildlife and conservation, here is a snapshot of some of the projects i worked on in 2012, including work for the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust, The Pride Of The Zambezi and Durham University. I had an amazing year, with lots of exciting projects to get involved with, I hope this video captures some of those moments – hopefully a “Slice of 2013” will be equally as varied.

Filming & Editing Benjamin Sadd

Music: Patrick Amos & Alt J

Lost in Place

Lost and isolated on a stack, with a bridge stretching tentatively to the mainland, this composition is intended as a questioning device; is the businessman trying to escape? Is he being rescued? Why is he there? Is that where he belongs? It is not simply an alien and unexpected composition but also the vehicle for a metaphorical narrative commenting on the state of the economy and of art itself. James’ recent experiments with self portraits also beg questions about the loneliness of the artist and their position of limbo between art and business: is today’s modern art more about business than art? You can interpret the piece in many ways, and it should have a different meaning for each viewer. Art should be more than instant explanations and answers in the palm of your hand. Rather, it is each individual’s experience of the composition which, to me, makes the piece art.

This short video shows the two days it took us to install, then remove the bridge.

Filming and Editing By Benjamin Sadd

Music: altJ

The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust 

The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust (BPCT) is one of the longest running conservation research projects in Africa, and one of a handful of its caliber worldwide. Founded as the Botswana Wild Dog Research Project in 1989, today it covers all the large carnivore species in Botswana.

The goal of the BPCT is to preserve Africa’s large predators – African wild dog, cheetah, leopard, lion and spotted hyena – and their habitats, using scientific inquiry to better understand the behaviours and communication systems of these animals. They also aim to link conservation and environmental issues to decision-making in the ongoing development of rural Botswana.

Filming and Editing by Benjamin Sadd

The Pride Of The Zambezi 

The Pride of the Zambezi is a luxury houseboat moored on the Chobe River in Namibia’s Caprivi Strip.  The Boat berths up to 12 people and offers every luxury you could want – fantastic food, gorgeous wildlife and the chance to relax, kick off your shoes and watch elephants from the sun deck.  With several launches for fishing and game viewing and being able to stay within the Chobe National Park makes a stay on the Houseboat an unforgettable experience.

Filming and Editing By Benjamin Sadd, Music By Patrick Amos

A Language Like Any Other – The Holy Land Institute For The Deaf  

Filmed and Edited by Benjamin Sadd and George Woodcock

Operation Wallacea – Schools Expeditions

Compiled and edited by Benjamin Sadd